Rodeo Events

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The rider attempts to stay on the back of his horse using only his balance and a suitcase type handhold, known as a rigging, which is placed on top of the horse's withers then secured with a cinch. The rigging must be of NZRCA approved standards.


Steer Wrestling, or "bulldogging" as it is sometimes known, has the basic objective for the steer wrestler to use his technique and strength to wrestle the steer to the ground, in the fastest time possible. Like with rope & tie and team ropers, the steer wrestler starts the event on the back of his horse in the timed event box.


Barrel Racing (Open & Second Division) is a female only event. The objective of a Barrel Racing run is to ride a cloverleaf pattern around three barrels as quickly as possible. The time starts when the barrel racer crosses electronic timers on her horse


Team Roping is the only team event in rodeo. There are two ropers, one known as the header and the other is the heeler. Just like rope & tie ropers and steer wrestlers the ropers start the event on the back of their horses in the timed event box.


The roots of the rope and tie event can be traced back to the working ranches of the Old West. When calves were sick or injured, cowboys had to rope and immobilize them quickly and safely for veterinary treatment. Ranch hands prided themselves on the speed and skill with which they could rope and tie calves such that it soon became a popular competitive sport.


The event that started rodeo, it originated from the necessary job of breaking in and training horses to be used in ranches, in the days of the Wild West.

BULL RIDING (also Novice Steer Ride & Junior Steer Ride)

Open Bull Riding is usually the last event to be held at a rodeo, and is the most dangerous. Just like Bareback and Saddle Bronc riding the rider can only hold onto the animal with one hand, touching it with his free arm will get him disqualified. Bull riders are not required to mark out a bull, spurring a bull will add to his score but it is not a requirement of the ride, staying on the bull for 8 seconds (Open & Second Division) or 6 seconds ( Novice Steer & Junior Steer Ride) is required for a qualified ride.


There are two Judges. Each award up to 25 points for the way the animal bucks and up to 25 points for the way the contestant rides it, making a total possible score of 100 points for each ride.